Zari Miami

(786) 998-9274

Zari Bottomless Brunch


Grilled Octopus
Crispy Octopus with roasted potato topped with smoked paprika aioli drizzle
Jerk Crab Cake
Pan seared crab cake with Roasted tomatoes in a corn relish paprika aioli
Rock Shrimp Taco
Corn tortilla topped with a lemon cilantro pickled onions & mixed cabbage
Crispy fried Calamari
Topped with pickled Red Onions & cilantro aioli
Bang Bang Shrimp
Large shrimp cajun style in hot honey
Florida Lobster Tail
Sweet chili fried lobster on a bed of shoe string potatoes
Smokey Buffalo Wild Wings
Crispy golden wings in hot buffalo sauce served with french fries
Shrimp Croquette
Home made croquette served with spicy mayo
Fried Shrimp Fried Rice or chicken
Chicken Tacos
Brais chicken, avocado, pickled onion Mexican cheese
Grilles Pita chicken chipotle sauce corn salad melted cheese


Crispy Romain lettuce topped with hard boiled egg, crispy bacon & diced croutons & Parmesan cheese

Fish & Meats

Surf & Turf
Butter poached Lobster Tail & seared lamb chop over fried Rice
Stuffed Salmon
Salmon stuffed with crab meat finished with asparagus in jalapeño cream
Rack of Lamb
Roasted rack of lamb with smoked tomato & grilled corn topped with cilantro relish
16oz Grilled rib-eye with truffle butter roasted fingerlin potatoes
Zari Burger
Black Angus patty grilled served on a brioche with lettuce, tomato, cheese & jalapeno mayo
Southern Fried Chicken
Fried chicken on a bed of steamed corn
Ligthly Fried Chicken Sandwich
Chicken brest light bather topped with coleslaw
pickled brius brest fry
Fried Snapper
Crispy held snapper served with white rice or frys

Pasta & Risotto

Shrimp Rigatoni Alfredo
4 cheese rigatoni alfredo with blackened shrimp
Rigatoni With Chicken
Rigatoni alfred with chicken 4 cheese


Truffle fries
Mac & cheese
Sautéed Asparagus
Lobster Fried Rice


Guava Cheesecake
Chocolate Lava Cake
Sponge lemon cake


Pene Natasha
Souten aalvow ligth pink sauce
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